Graphic & Digital Design

Quality graphic and digital design in the Gers South West France, graphic design for large and small format printing and digital design for the screen.

Graphic Design

Let’s start with Corporate Identity, creating that perfect logo that defines your brand. This is something I can help you with. All my logos are created using vector graphics, they look sharp and can be used for print, large format, and digital media without loss of resolution.

Do you need a brochure, flyer or poster? I have this covered, the same for large format exhibition graphics, signage, vehicle graphics. Over the years I have worked with many businesses, large brands and small businesses with varying budgets.

I don’t just design for print, I can take your logo or other print ready artwork and animate it for use on your website or social media.

Digital Design

Digital design is all about creating content that will be viewed on a screen, any screen. A different design process to graphic design for print, with digital design I am mainly working with images, animation, audio, sound effects, film and interactive elements. A combination of these to produce motion graphics.

Motion graphics can be used on social media and I can create engaging content across all platforms.

The first websites I built back in 2001-2 were all animated built using Flash. The World Wide Web has moved on since then but I still enjoy working with animation and film. Today I create animation and promotional movies using After Effects and Premier Pro, I also use HTML5 animations in my web design and HTML5 video.

Maybe you have a logo you would like animated, a promotional animation to be used on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Whatever you need I can help.