Event Booking Systems

Imagine having the ability to effortlessly create and oversee events on your uniquely designed website, all while receiving payments seamlessly. With our event booking websites, this becomes a reality!

Event Booking Websites

Tailor-made with no reliance on third-party plugins, no commissions, and no security concerns.

Our contemporary web applications prioritise user-friendliness, SEO optimisation, and effortless management. Crafted to your specifications, these applications empower you to take control of your events.

Whether you prefer overseeing your own events or granting organisers the autonomy to manage theirs, our web applications eliminate the need for external booking platforms that may compromise user interaction. Now, effortlessly accept bookings and payments directly on your website!

Event Management

Effortlessly organise your events by creating event categories with a range of options such as pricing, early bird discounts, free events, recurring events, venue-specific events, online events, and more. Enhance the anticipation with a live countdown feature.

When it comes to payments, users can either register for an account or utilise the guest checkout option. Registered users gain access to their booking history, downloadable details, and the ability to create wish lists.

Our automated payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal, provide seamless transactions. With Stripe, users stay on the webpage, entering card details directly. Purchasers receive tickets and receipts as PDFs, with all details securely recorded in the system.

Whether events are created by the Admin or by designated Organisers with their own access, our system ensures flexibility and convenience.

Event Booking Websites Event Booking Websites

Event Management

Create events, early bird discounts, free events, repeating events, venue events, online events, countdown to event time.

Organisers Management

Organisers can upload their own Venue and Online events.

Payment Gateways

Automated payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal.

Roles and Permissions

Create Rolls and Permissions for team members to manage certain areas of the website.